Professional bodywork reduces stress and pain, improves circulation and metabolism, breaks down toxins and promotes healing. Our treatments are very personalized where therapists blend a variety of massage techniques as Swedish, Sports, Shiatsu, Thai and incorporate aromatherapy to achieve the most therapeutic results. We only use organic nourishing Coconut Oil,  Jojoba Oil and Grapeseed oils for our massages. 


​60 minute  $95   |   2 for $180       

80 minute  $130 |   2 for $240   

add full body Red Light ReJuvenation to any massage $28   |  members rate $25

All membership holders get mentioned 10% discount off all treatments at the checkout.

Deep Tissue Sports Massage is a therapeutic massage is designed to target chronic tension and limited range of motion. Moderate to deep pressure is used to help alleviate pain, loosen the muscle tissues and reduce stress.​


Relaxation Massage is a classic Swedish massage eases muscle tension, stimulates the skin and soothes the nervous   system, creating many health benefits.​


Pre/Post Natal Massage is a perfect treatment for the mother-to-be. A gentle massage which provides relaxation reduces neck and back tension relieves stress on weight-bearing joints and helps to reduce edema.​


Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and well-being. Cups can be applied to your back, shoulders, legs, and arms as well and energy centers alongside your spine (chakras)   50min session $95 | 30min addition to any massage $45



When booking your facial, please plan not to exercise or wash your face for 12 hours after after the treatment.


​Glow Maintenance Facials 30min    $70  |  Mix & match 3 for $180


Instant Glow Facial   Pop in to get your instant Glow! This effective mini facial starts with double cleanse and uses oxygenating High Frequency therapy to boost blood circulation, collagen and elastin production, eliminate toxins and acne-causing bacteria. It's also a super fix to dry/zap adult acne! Now you can have it all... 30min


Glow Peel This hydrating exfoliating peel is an effective anti-aging treatment to reverse sun damage, improve acne and smooth skin's texture.  The peel is followed by Galvanic therapy to promote cellular renewal. Lactic acid is safe for people with sensitive skin - it does not cause severe flaking or irritation and can be performed during lunchtime!  30min

​Deep Pore Cleanse  Perfect refreshing treatment to help your skin breath again! This compact mini facial includes  steaming, deep pore cleansing with extractions and calming finishing masque. Quick and easy skin fix, 30min

​Glow Signature Facial                         ​  $120  |  3 treatments $315                             members rate $108  | 3 for $283.5

Are you long overdue for a facial? Your skin feels clogged and a little bit sad? Treat yourself to the ultimate facial - completely customized treatment that includes deep pore cleansing with extractions, and a professional choice of cellular rejuvenating High Frequency therapy, or tightening Micro-current, or repairing Ultrasound therapy. To relax and pamper, appointment ends with a potent anti-aging masque and de-stressing shoulder and neck massage. After the first treatment you will instantly notice your beautiful improved skin tone - we like to call it Glow!  70min


Diamond Microdermabrasion           $105.00  |  3 treatment course $300             members rate $94.5 | 3 for $270

Microdermabrasion is one of the most sophisticated systems to exfoliate, regenerate and resurface the skin. This renewing treatment starts with skin analysis, thorough nourishing enzyme cleanse and light extractions. It is performed to decrease the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation, diminish fine lines, shallow acne scars and to even out skin's texture shedding the past off your face! 55min

Clearing Acne Facial                             $95.00  |  3 treatments $270                          members rate $85.5  |  3 for $243

A dynamic facial for acne prone skin utilizing a synergistic blend of active fruit enzymes to digest dead cells, loosen impactions and refine pores. Treatment starts with extractions and ends with calming and clearing masque. To make it most effective we use High Frequency to zap breakouts and shrink enlarged pores, Blue LED therapy to kill the P. acnes bacteria, Red LED therapy to promote new cell regeneration and reduce inflammation. To make acne treatments last we recommend you to follow our daily product application regimen. 55min


​Microcurrent Facial                              $105  | 3  treatment course $300                 members rate $94.5 | 3 for $270

Microcurrent face lift offers a genuine pain free alternative to facial surgery! The treatment begins with analysis & deep pore enzyme cleansing. Microcurrent therapy improves skin elasticity and tone: it applies gentle electric stimulation that "irons out" wrinkles, triggers cell production, creating collagen and elastin, promoting protein synthesis.  It also increases lymphatic drainage which means reduced facial puffiness as well as a brighter more radiant complexion. You will notice the firmness and radiance after the first treatment though multiple sessions recommended to experience fullbenefits. 55min


Every 5th Waxing Tinting or Lash Appointment - 50%

We use the natural hard waxes from Italy for all your sensitive areas to guarantee comfort and pleasant experience.

Glow Membership holders get 10% on all facials/waxing at checkout.

Microblading Eye Brows  $375 | includes one follow up session

Microblading is a permanent makeup where the therapist draws in each and every line with a permanent organic ink to correct your lost and over-plucked eye brows. Unlike permanent tattoo, it looks very natural and truly makes a difference. Upto 90min. Click to book


Try Our Lash Services  Lash Lift $75 | Lash Extensions $175 | Extensions follow up $75

Lash Lift is a perm–curl of your lashes. Unlike lash extensions, lash lift curls your natural lashes up, and it looks beautiful! Yes you can wear mascara over them for even more dramatic look. Lasts 6-8 weeks. 45min appointment

Brow shape & tint  $35   |  Brow shape $20          

Lash & brow tint $35       | Brow & lash tint & shape $45
Lip or chin wax $10         | Lip & chin wax $15        

Half leg or full arm $40   | Full leg $60
Brazilian $60                     | Bikini $40                        

Underarm $15                  | Back or chest $60


Click to book your massage

We have full body Red Light Therapy. Releive muscle pain, rejuvenate your skin 

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NEW SPA MEMBERSHIP $90 -  save $40 on your next treatment

With this special monthly membership you can choose between massage, cupping or a facial every month, book discounted classes and let our staff take a good care of your body, skin and mind. Read more & buy

Glow Spa Membership Includes:

- One free class, and $15 special rate for all classes
- 60min Custom Massage/Cupping + Full Body Rejuvalight
- or Custom Facial + Brow Shape

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Address & Contacts

Tel. 415.874.9141

1548 Stockton (between Green & Union)

Parking Garage ($4h) is half block away -  735 Vallejo St. 

MUNI STOP 30, 45, 41, 8x

10 min walk from Fin. District

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